Rent receipts and records

Tenants must be given receipts/records of any payments they make, unless rent is paid online or by an automated payment.


After the landlord/lessor has lodged the bond, the bond administrator will send a record of payment directly to the tenant/s. 

If the tenant does not receive the record from the bond administrator within one month of paying their bond money they can check their bond has been lodged by contacting the bond administrator directly by calling 9282 0829 or email.


Receipts for rent paid must be issued by the landlord within three days of receiving it. The receipt must show the:

  • tenant/s name, 
  • date received,
  • amount paid,
  • address of the premises and
  • rental period covered by the payment.

A receipt is not required if the rent is paid by agreement directly into an account at a bank or other financial institution.

The tenant should keep all the receipts just in case there is a dispute in the future about rent still owing.

Landlord must keep records of the rent  a tenant has paid.  The image below shows a sample of acceptable rental records. 

Rent record
Rent record, by Residential tenancy
Rent record, by Residential tenancy


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