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If you think you have been supplied with a banned product or if you have serious concerns about the safety of a product you have purchased, please contact us by email or via our advice line 1300 304 054.

Information you may need to give us

It is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible about the product and why you think it might be unsafe. To begin an enquiry the product safety officer will need information about:

  • the product, including date purchased, brand name, model number; 
  • where you bought the product, (eg supplier’s name and address); 
  • whether there were any injuries suffered, including the nature of the injury and medical treatment sought; and 
  • whether you contacted the supplier at any stage and the date and response from the supplier.

If you have kept the product, an officer may contact you to arrange to collect it for inspection.  Please do not send the product directly to us without letting us know beforehand.

When the product safety unit receives your complaint, it is assessed and assigned to an officer who will conduct an investigation.

Unsafe products complaint guide

What steps you need to take to complain about an unsafe product.

Unsafe products complaint guide


Complaints about health or medical products 

Please report any product safety issues regarding medicines or other health goods, including sunscreens, to the Therapeutic Goods Administration

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