Retirement village law reforms 2019 - 2020

Status: CRIS Paper 3 CLOSED on 30 September 2020. A final consultation paper will be released in 2021.

Future consultation papers

Please note that there has been a change in the consultation process on reforms to retirement village legislation.

State Recovery Advisory Group

As you may be aware, the McGowan Government has appointed the State Recovery Advisory Group to support Western Australia’s recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This advisory group has identified that early resolution of some elements of the current retirement village legislation reform process could have a positive impact on investment in the retirement villages sector in WA. 

Roundtable discussions

Consumer Protection formed a working group of members from industry and resident peak bodies. A series of roundtable discussions were held with the working group to identify reforms which might be suitable for fast tracking. 

The round table discussions were held from August to October 2020. This means that no further consultation papers will be released until decisions have been made about the reforms to promote investment in the sector.

Consultation on the remaining reforms will resume following the fast track process and a final consultation paper will be released during 2021. Further updates on the consultation will be provided when available. 


The Statutory Review of Retirement Villages Legislation Final Report, November 2010 (Final Report) resulted in considerable reform to the retirement villages industry in Western Australia.

The Final Report made over 100 recommendations.  Stage one of the implementation of these recommendations occurred between 2012 and 2016. In all, some 79 recommendations were implemented either in full or in part. Stage one reforms focused on increasing transparency around retirement village contracts to assist consumers make better informed decisions.

This current consultation represents the second stage (stage two) of the reform process regarding retirement villages laws in Western Australia.

The outstanding recommendations from the Final Report have been grouped into categories to deal with common issues and themes. Emerging issues have been added to the consultation and some Final Report decisions have been reconsidered in light of new information and industry trends.

The first consultation paper (CRIS 1) released in August 2019 focused on improving Western Australian consumers’ understanding of the retirement village product and its price. The second consultation paper (CRIS 2) released in December 2019 focused on operator obligations such as exit entitlements, capital works funding, refurbishment and rules of conduct. The third consultation paper (CRIS 3) released in March 2020 focused on clarifying when the Retirement Villages Act 1992 (WA) applies.

Downloads and resources

CRIS paper 3 -  Clarifying when the Retirement Villages Act 1992 (WA) applies

CRIS paper 2 - Operator responsibilities

CRIS paper 1 - Retirement village product and price

Have your say

Your feedback on this consultation will assist the government in making a decision on the proposals.

Your written feedback can be submitted by:

  • Mail:
    Retirement Villages Consultation
    Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety (Consumer Protection Division)
    Locked Bag 100
    East Perth WA 6892
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Enquiries can be made by calling Consumer Protection Advice Line on 1300 304 054 or by email.

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