Services covered by Australian Consumer Law

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A service is covered if:

  • it cost up to $100,000* and the person or business you bought it from sold it as part of their business or professional activity, including not-for-profit activity; or
  • it cost more than $100,000* and is the kind of service normally bought for personal, domestic or household purposes for example, car repairs, hairdressing, dry-cleaning or legal services.

You are also covered when you use ‘recreational services’ involving physical activities for example, fitness classes at a gym, working out with a personal trainer, bungee jumping and horse riding. However, people or businesses providing this kind of service can sometimes limit their responsibilities. You should read any terms and conditions in contracts for these services carefully.

*post 1 July 2021 or $40,000 pre 1 July 2021

Which services are not covered?

  • Services bought before 1 January 2011. These are covered by laws that were in force before 1 January 2011, contact us for more information.
  • Services costing more than $100,000, which are for commercial use for example, installation of farm irrigation systems or factory machinery repairs.
  • Transportation or storage of goods for your business, trade, profession or occupation.
  • Insurance contracts.

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