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Small business

Consumer Protection provides information which may help small business owners get started or run a successful business. 

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Free online education program

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have free interative eduction tools and regularly run events.  

ACCC have produced a free online education program for small business.  It covers subjects including advertising, unfair selling practices, scams and consumer contracts. 


Essential tips and tools for small business

by ACCCvideos

A joint-agency webinar brought to you by ASIC, FWO, ACCC, and ATO. The webinar included presentations from the four government agencies and a question-and-answer panel session. Business Enterprise Centres Australia facilitated the webinar and Small Biz Connect (University of Western Sydney) participated in the panel session. This webinar was held on Wednesday 22 October 2014.


The ACCC has developed guidance on the new Code, including an updated Franchisee Manual and Franchisor Compliance Manual. The new guidance will be available at

The ACCC also provides a resource for prospective franchisees through Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence. The Pre-Entry Franchise Education Program is a free, online program consisting of five modules and is designed to give small business operators and prospective franchisees a realistic understanding of franchising.

A webinar about the new code was held in early December 2014 and is now available on the ACCC's youtube channel. 

The new Franchising Code - what you need to know and do now, by ACCCvideos


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