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When you book travel, tours, tickets and accommodation in Western Australia, you have consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The following links provide important tips and information for visitors to Western Australia about:

  • shopping;
  • renting a hire car;
  • buying a car;
  • booking accommodation and tours; and 
  • where to get advice when you need it.

Tours, travel and travel agents


Information about your shopping rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), including:

When you buy products in Australia, you can expect these products to work properly and safely.

You can find product safety information about a range of products sold in Australia, including:


You may choose to rent accommodation during your visit to Western Australia, either for a short term break or a longer term working holiday. 

Further information including tips for booking your holiday accommodation and renting a home are available on our website.

    The following pages provide advice and tips on keeping you and your family safe when you rent accommodation:

    Renting a hire car

    Buying a car

    Pre-booking travel checklist

    This pre-booking travel checklist provides a few tips you should consider before purchasing travel, accommodation, tourist attractions and travel insurance:

    • Am I dealing with a reputable travel agent?
    • Am I using a secured payment site?
    • Are there any extra charges for tours, tickets, meals, local charges or accommodation?
    • Are there any safety alerts (DFAT) for my destination?
    • Does the accommodation have all the facilities I want?
    • Is the accommodation conveniently located?
    • Will transport and tourist attractions be open?
    • Do I need travel insurance?
    • What are the passport and visa requirements?
    • Are there any vaccination or health requirements?
    • If I postpone my trip, do I have to pay any additional costs?
    • If I cancel my trip, am I entitled to a refund? (If so, what conditions, if any, apply?)
    • Does the travel agent I'm dealing with have insolvency insurance or other safeguards in place to protect my funds?

    Further information

    For additional information on your consumer rights, contact Consumer Protection on:

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