Used car servicing and repairs

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When you buy a second hand vehicle it is best to try to obtain one with a full service history and log books. If the vehicle doesn’t have a log book, buy one so you can record all servicing repairs on the vehicle. It will help you sell it later.

When booking your vehicle in for a service, clearly explain to your repairer the type of service you want. If you do not have a logbook or service schedule and are not sure what your car needs, check with the repairer about what is involved with each type of service and the likely cost.

It is good practice to have a basic service (oil change, oil filter and safety check) every 5000 kilometres or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Warranty repairs

Your used vehicle may still be covered by a warranty if something goes wrong. Check the warranty details and immediately contact the motor vehicle dealer where you bought it or a dealer selling the same make of vehicle. Please also refer to our page on warranties.

All repairs

Give the motor vehicle repairer as much information as you can about what the problem is with your vehicle. This will help the repairer diagnose the problem and carry out the repair properly.

Always request a written quote or at least a cost estimate to fix the problem. Read repairs to your motor vehicle for more information.

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