Videos for renting a home for non-English speakers

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Three information videos about renting a home  were produced to help you understand the laws in Western Australia.  

  1. Part one: Getting started - covers applying for a tenancy, option fees, tenancy databases, discrimination, tenancy agreements, rents and bonds and property condition reports.
  2. Part two: Moving in - covers tenants and landlord rights and obligations during the tenancy including maintenance, security, safety devices, repairs, inspections and subletting. 
  3. Part three: Ending a tenancy - covers how to end a tenancy, notice periods, rent payments, rent increases, final inspections, breach notices and evictions. 

Non-English language versions

These videos are available in the following languages:

Transcripts of these videos are also available in the following languages:

There are English versions of the video and transcript available. 

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