What is product safety?

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ConsumerProduct safety

Consumers have a right to expect products they buy work properly without any risk of causing illness or injury.

A business must ensure their products meet acceptable levels of safety and will not cause harm when used as intended.  Products must meet the requirements of relevant mandatory standards and bans.

New and existing products are monitored by state and territory regulators, who can conduct investigations and remove products from sale.

You can help protect yourself and your family by:

  • Visiting the Product Safety Australia website and checking for recalls and banned products;
  • Checking your products meet mandatory standards;
  • Following product instructions for assembly and use; and
  • Reporting accidents or concerns to Consumer Protection so we can detect any trends with particular products and investigate if need be.

Product safety at home

WA has been a part of a number of campaigns specfically targetting safety in and around the home.  See our home safety pages for more detail about  DIY work, swimming pools, curtain and blind cords, electrical cables, and decks and balconies. 

Product Safety in WA

The Western Australian Product Safety Unit provides advice and information to businesses and consumers on product safety. They monitor the market and investigate unsafe products and, where necessary, remove them from the marketplace.

Product Safety do not regulate all products sold in Western Australia. Various other Government agencies also have a role in regulating certain products or industries.


Investigations of potentially dangerous products generally involves research and consultation with a variety of stakeholders.  Investigations include gathering information about the product and any existing regulations, testing products, liaising with retailers, distributors and manufacturers, and discussing matters with advisory bodies. Investigations may result in prosecutions or infringement notices being issued if traders are found to have acted in breach of product safety laws.


More detail is available on our product safety publications page. 

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