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Private Sector Labour Relations is undertaking a community education campaign to help Western Australian employers and employees understand employment rights. 

The Employment Rights in WA campaign aims to raise employers’ and employees’ awareness of their employment rights and obligations and the pathways for employees to resolve an alleged underpayment. The campaign reflects the findings of the Inquiry into Wage Theft in Western Australia that community education is essential to combatting wage theft in WA.

A key part of the campaign is highlighting that two systems of employment law operate in WA, the state industrial relations system and the national fair work system, and that these systems have different employment rights and obligations and different pathways for seeking help with underpayments.

New resources are available on the Wageline website that explain which types of businesses are covered by each system, and where employers and employees can find the right information and help.  Employees can also find out how to resolve an alleged underpayment of wages or leave and how to report wage theft anonymously.  Follow the relevant link below to find information and get started! 

As part of the Employment Rights in WA campaign, Wageline is also reaching out to community organisations to provide information and offer training to help their members understand their employment rights and obligations.

Employees - Find information on your employment rights and how to resolve an underpayment issue

Employers - Find information on your employment obligations

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