Long service leave - What is the entitlement to long service leave?

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This page outlines when an employee is eligible for long service leave under the WA Long Service Leave Act and how much long service leave an employee is entitled to.

Visit the main Long Service Leave page for links to other information on long service leave in Western Australia including who is covered by the WA Long Service Leave Act.

Long service leave entitlement

The long service leave entitlement for full time, part time and casual employees is:

In most cases, when employment ends after at least 7 years of continuous employment, an employee is entitled to receive pro rata long service leave. Visit the What is the entitlement when employment ceases? page for information on this entitlement.

  • The What is continuous employment? page details what counts as continuous employment, and explains the effect of absences and interruptions to employment.
  • ‘The same employer’ can also include related companies and employers who previously owned a business in some circumstances. The What happens when business ownership changes? page has further information.  
  • The WA long service leave calculator can provide an estimate of an employee’s long service leave entitlement when employment ceases as a result of resignation, dismissal, or redundancy.

Public holidays during periods of long service leave

If a public holiday occurs during a period of long service leave taken by an employee; and the employee is otherwise entitled to that holiday under the employee's conditions of employment, the period of long service leave is increased by one day for each such public holiday.

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