Understanding employment obligations - a guide for new employers in the state system

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wa_image_small.jpg This information is only relevant to employers in the WA state industrial relations system – sole traders, unincorporated partnerships, unincorporated trusts and some incorporated or not for profit organisations. Find out more on the Guide to who is in the WA state system page.

If you operate a Pty Ltd business – you can find information on this topic on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Help for new small business employers 

Employers in the state industrial relations system have obligations under state legislation including:

  • the Industrial Relations Act 1979;
  • the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993; and
  • the Long Service Leave Act 1958.

Wageline's publication - Understanding employment obligations - a guide for new employers in the state system provides an overview of key employment obligations.  The publication answers many of the questions commonly asked by new employers to help them meet their employment obligations to staff. 

Topics in the guide include:

  • Pay rates under WA awards and minimum rates
  • Leave entitlements of full time, part time and casual staff
  • Types of employment arrangements
  • Obligations for keeping employment records.

Comprehensive information on your employment obligations is available in other areas of the Wageline website or by contacting Wageline on 1300 655 266.

Guide to help employers understand employment obligations 

Wageline's guide to key employment obligations for state system small business employers is available in PDF format.

Understanding employment obligations - A guide for new employers in the state system  

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