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It is an important safeguard for both employers and employees to have written employment contracts in place. The following lists may help identify the types of matters that may be included in an employment contract. These lists are not exhaustive and it may be appropriate and necessary to include other matters depending upon the particular workplace situation. 

Basic information      

  • name and details of the employer and employee          
  • if a fixed term contract, end date of employment
  • name of the WA award that applies       
  • length of probationary period
  • job title                                                     
  • date employment commenced
  • employment status eg full time, part time or casual     
  • who the employee reports to in the organisation
  • date of birth of employee if under 21 years of age.        

Employment conditions        

  • rate of pay                                               
  • flexible work arrangements
  • hours of work                                           
  • rosters and/or shift work
  • additional hours worked                          
  • meal breaks
  • penalty rates                                            
  • performance bonuses
  • leave entitlements                                   
  • allowances
  • notice periods for termination of employment  
  • travel arrangements eg car expenses or accommodation.

Other relevant issues           

  • key job duties                                           
  • performance standards
  • training and development                       
  • uniform or dress standards
  • workplace safety and duty of care          
  • provision of parking or use of a company vehicle
  • customer service requirements              
  • confidentiality
  • email and internet policies                      
  • company policies and rules
  • use of work equipment.                            


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