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This page helps you find the right information on pay rates and employment entitlements for your job.   

The information on this page assumes you have worked out which of the two industrial relations systems which operate in WA covers your employer and your job. If not, please read the Work out which industrial relations system covers your job page first.

Some key things to know about pay rates:

  • Many industries and occupations are covered by an ‘award’ which is a formal document which sets the pay rates, working hours and other employment arrangements specifically for that industry or occupation. There are different awards for the state and national industrial relations systems.
  • You do not need to agree to be covered by an award for the award to apply to you. An award applies automatically if you or your employer are in the right industry or occupation and your employer is required by law to pay you the award pay rates, including any penalty rates (higher pay rates) for working weekends or overtime. 
  • If your industry or occupation is not covered by an award, you will be entitled to the minimum rate of pay and your employer is required by law to pay you this rate. 
  • The relevant award or minimum pay rates will apply to you whether you are a full time, part time or casual employee, a junior employee, working on a visa or working in a city or regional area.

Where to find the right information

 wa_image_small.jpg If you are in the state system:

  • The Wageline website has information on pay, working hours and leave entitlements.
    • Find out whether a WA award covers your job by visiting the Finding the right pay rate page or calling Wageline on 1300 655 266. Wageline's WA award summaries detail pay rates and working arrangements for key awards. 
    • If no WA award covers your job, most employees are entitled to the WA minimum rate of pay and leave entitlements in the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act. Find the minimum pay rates on the Minimum pay rates for award free employees page.
  • Visit the Long service leave section of the website for long service leave information.
  • Call Wageline on 1300 655 266.

australia_image_small.jpg If you are in the national system:

  • Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website for information on your pay, working hours and leave entitlements, except for long service leave, or call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.
  • Visit the Long service leave section of the Wageline website or call Wageline on 1300 655 266 for long service information.


For superannuation information visit the Australian Taxation Office website for information on superannuation entitlements.

tick_icon.pngNeed more information?

The Employment rights in WA - a guide for workers fact sheet tells you about:

  • key minimum entitlements for pay rates and leave; and
  • where to find more information on pay rates and employment rights for the work that you are doing.


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