Renting out your property - a lessor’s guide

Renting out your property a lessor’s guide is an easy to read guide and explains your rights and responsibilities as a private property owner.

This guide doesn’t take the place of the Act, nor does it cover everything, but it will give you a good working knowledge of your rights and responsibilities as a lessor of a residential rental property. The term ‘lessor’ is used in this guide to describe the person who is renting out the property. This person is commonly known as the ‘landlord’.

Please note The laws referred to throughout this guide do not relate to the following:

  • boarders/lodgers (refer below);
  • holiday accommodation;
  • most long-stay caravan and park home residents (see ‘Caravan and park home residents’, page 3);
  • hotels/motels;
  • colleges;
  • educational institutions (unless a for-profit organisation prescribes the accommodation);
  • hospitals/nursing homes/clubs; or
  • certain homes for aged or disabled persons.

If you have any doubts about whether your rental situation is covered by the Act please contact the Consumer Protection Advice Line on 1300 304 054 for the cost of a local call.


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Last updated 25 Oct 2018

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