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Engineered stone ban

Western Australia will join the rest of the country in banning the use of engineered stone in workplaces from 1 July 2024.

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WorkSafe: The way forward

The strategy describes the goals, priority areas and measures of success for health and safety actions undertaken by WorkSafe.

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Online reporting

WorkSafe has introduced an online service to enable employers to report specific workplace injuries and diseases.

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First steps to farm safety

This guide provides farmers with a foundation for establishing good safety practices on farms.

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Announcements & Publications

Masonry wall safety during construction work

You can improve the safety of masonry walls during construction work with good planning and preparation, risk management and (where required) temporary...

Health and Safety Bulletin No. 16 Incorrect use of a pipe...

Recently, several incidents have occurred where workers have been seriously injured while working with a pipe wrench and a drilling rod on a live drill rig....

Application for a licence to perform high risk work ...

If you wish to apply to transfer an interstate high risk work licence, you will be required to submit this form.

Application for a licence to perform high risk work (New)

If you wish to apply for a new high risk work licence, you will be required to submit this form.

Dust Strategy 2023-24

Purpose of strategy To continue to drive improvements in the workplace management of hazardous dusts and protect workers from harm. Focus areas  Asbestos...

Health and safety snapshot: Dust strategy 2023-24

WorkSafe’s Dust strategy 2023–24 is driving improvements in the management of hazardous dusts to protect workers from harm. It forms part of Priority Three -...

WA’s worst workplace hazards revealed

New statistics have shown Western Australian workers have a much lower chance of being fatally injured at work in 2024 than they did 34 years ago. When the...

First charges under new work health and safety laws

WorkSafe has initiated the first four prosecutions under the Work Health and Safety Act 2020, which came into effect in March 2022. Wesbeam Pty Ltd, a...

Mining and Petroleum Advisory Committee (MAPAC) - Minutes

A list of minutes from the meetings of the Mining and Petroleum Advisory Committee (MAPAC).

Accredited training course health and safety...

The Work Health and Safety Commission criteria for accreditation require each provider of an accredited training course for health and safety representatives...

The health and safety duty of an officer - Translated

The department has translated Information sheet The health and safety duty of an officer in different languages. Who is an officer? Having the word ‘officer...

Managing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)...

This information should be used by anyone engaged in mining operations in Western Australia that involve or have the potential to involve naturally occurring...

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Incident notification

WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence
Work Health and Safety Legislation Act Now

MARS program

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