Construction induction training - Guidance on inclusions and exclusions

A person conducting a business or undertaking must not direct or allow a worker to carry out construction work unless the worker has successfully completed general construction induction training and, if the worker completed the training more than 2 years previously, the worker has carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years.

The person conducting the business or undertaking must ensure that the worker holds a general construction induction training card or if the worker has applied for but not yet been issued with a general construction induction training card, the worker holds a general construction induction training certification issued within the preceding 60 days.

The table below provides information on when Construction Induction Training may be required – drawn from the Safework Australia National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work.

General Induction Training Required Yes No
Government Inspector (fulfilling statutory functions)   X
Casual, part-time or labour-hire persons performing construction work X  
Owner carrying out construction work X  
Owner on-site to inspect progress (escorted)   X
Installation of joinery, pre-cast concrete panels, windows X  
Components being manufactured off-site, kitchen cabinets, pre-cast panels   X
Delivery drivers dropping off materials in designated areas   X
Delivery drivers dropping off materials inside the construction zone X  
Engineers or architects observing work (escorted)   X
Engineers and surveyors who undertake preparatory site work X  
Cleaning and maintenance of structures under construction X  
Work experience students undertaking construction work X  
Practical visits by students not undertaking construction work and being escorted   X
Traffic control for on-site construction work X  
Traffic control not related to construction work (e.g. school crossings)   X
Finishing and fit-out work such as painting, tiling, carpet laying, floor sanding X  
Sign-writing, carpet cleaning   X
Landscaping X  
Maintenance of existing lawns and gardens   X
Installation of temporary amenities, on-site catering   X



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