Discrimination and harassment at work

Direct discrimination takes place when a person is treated less favourably than another person, in the same or similar circumstances, on one or more of the grounds and in one of the areas of public life covered by the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.    Indirect discrimination happens when an apparently neutral rule has a negative effect on a substantially higher proportion of people with a particular ground, or protected attribute or characteristic, e.g. race, compared to people without that attribute or characteristic, and the rule is unreasonable in the circumstances.  

Discrimination can also be experienced by workers who undertake duties that may place them in a position of discord with their employer.  There is a law that may be applied to protect occupational safety and health representatives (OSH Reps).

Discrimination and harassment of a person in the workplace

If your enquiry is regarding discrimination (direct or indirect) because of sex, race, age, breastfeeding, family responsibilities or status, gender history, disability, marital status, political conviction, pregnancy, religious conviction and/or sexual orientation, in many areas of public life including employment contact: 

Equal Opportunity Commission Western Australia

Phone: (08) 9216 3900 Country callers: 1800 198149 
Visit the website: Equal Opportunity Commission Western Australia 
Email: eoc@eoc.wa.gov.au 

Discrimination against a safety and health representative

If your enquiry is about discrimination against a safety and health representative in the workplace, contact the Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal (WAIRC).

This organisation also deals with disputes in relation to entitlements where work has stopped because workers feel that there is a risk of imminent and serious injury or harm.

Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal (WAIRC) 

Phone: 9420 4444   -    Freecall:  1800 624 263 (country callers)
Visit the website: Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal (WAIRC) 

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