Election of safety and health representatives

An employer or employee can start the process to elect safety and health representatives.  

The flowchart outlines the process for electing safety and health representatives.

Consultation must take place between the employer and delegate(s) on:   

  • number of safety representatives to be elected;
  • matters, areas or kinds of work each safety and health representative is to cover;
  • Who will run the election; and
  • How vacancies will be dealt with; plus
  • If required, matters to do with a scheme.

More information to assist employers and employees establish safety and health representatives and committees under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 is found in the Guidance note: Formal consultative processes in the workplace.

Who can be nominated for the election?

Only employees who work at the workplace or within the group the safety and health representative is elected to cover can be nominated for election. This is to ensure elected safety and health representatives will be familiar with the safety and health issues for the workplace or group.

What if there is only one nominee?

If there is only one eligible nomination or the number of eligible nominations matches the number of positions, then there is no requirement for an election to be held. In this situation, the candidate is considered to be elected unopposed. However, the notification process must still be followed and a completed election notification form sent to WorkSafe.

Notification of election form

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 require the person coordinating the election of representatives to notify the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner of the results.

To notify the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner of the results please use the notification of election and registration of safety and health representative form.

Election forms and any queries regarding election forms can be sent to


Once WorkSafe has received the election notification form, your details will be entered into our database to give you a SHRep number and a registration number. We will then send you a registration kit which includes:

  • a letter of confirmation of registration; and 
  • an ID card 

Terms of office

Safety and health representatives are elected for a term of two years to represent employees in an area, workplace or group determined during consultation before the election.

Safety and health representatives also cease to hold their positions if they:

  • leave their job; 
  • resign from the position; 
  • transfer from the area they were elected to represent; or 
  • are disqualified by the Occupational Safety and Health Tribunal.

In any of these circumstances, either the employer or the safety and health representative should notify WorkSafe so the database can be updated.

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