Fees and charges will rise on 1 July 2019

On 1 July 2019 licence fees for asbestos, demolition, high risk work and high risk work assessor will increase.  In addition fees for the registration of plant and plant design will also increase.  


Application for restricted asbestos licence: $875.00
Application for renewal of restricted asbestos licence: $810.00
Application for unrestricted asbestos licence: $14,910.00
Application for renewal of unrestricted asbestos licence: $11,680.00


Application/Renewal fee for demolition class 1 licence: $6,850.00
Application/Renewal fee for demolition class 2 licence: $4,455.00
Application/Renewal fee for demolition class 3 licence: $3,364.00

High risk work

Application for licence (new issue, variation or Interstate): $100.00 per class
Application for variation of licence: $78.50 per class
Application for renewal of licence: $53.00 per person 
Application for replacement of lost or stolen licence: $66.00

High risk work assessors

Registration for a new assessor: $2091.00
Renewal of registration: $552.25
Variation of registration: $343.00
Application for duplicate certificate of registration: $117.00

Plant and design 

Registration and re-registration of an item of plant: $113.40
Registration of design or alteration to design of plant: $413.00


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