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These photos resources are from various safety films made by WorkSafe. These photographs are free to download and can be used by people who are studying safety and health, workplaces and for training and teaching purposes.      

Discussing risk assessment
Discussing risk assessment, by WorkSafe
Consulting about a hazardous substances risk assessment.
Emergency sign
Emergency sign, by WorkSafe
Workers must be informed of the hazards of the chemical and trained in emergency and first aid procedures.


Extraction of fumes
Extraction of fumes, by WorkSafe
Engineering controls include ventilation systems, automatic systems, enclosed systems or other engineering measures that contain the hazardous substance or limits workers' exposure.
Eye protection - sign
Eye protection - sign, by WorkSafe
The business must ensure PPE has been chosen to suit the task and the worker, is readily available, clean and in good condition, and that workers use it when required.
List of hazardous substances
List of hazardous substances, by WorkSafe
During the walk-through inspection it's important to read the labels on the chemical containers and also check the Material Safety Data Sheet to see if the substance being used is hazardous.
Masked handling
Masked handling, by WorkSafe
Staged photo. Do you think the ear plug is far enough in to be really effective? Does the mask need pinching around the nose to be more effective? For what type of task would the eye protection be necessary?
Measure air velocity
Measure air velocity, by WorkSafe
All ventilation controls need to be inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure continued effectiveness.
Measuring hazardous substances
Measuring hazardous substances, by WorkSafe
A more detailed assessment by an occupational hygienist may include measuring the levels of a hazardous substance in the air to see if exposure standards are likely to be exceeded.
Putting visor on
Putting visor on, by WorkSafe
Workers have a duty to wear the PPE provided, for those tasks where they have been instructed to wear it.
Toxic label
Toxic label, by WorkSafe
A label stating the substance is toxic, which must be taken into account in the risk assessment and controls implemented.
Dangerous goods label
Dangerous goods label, by WorkSafe
If the substance is also categorised as dangerous goods further requirements may apply, for example, for storage, transport and signage.






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