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Supervision of persons doing high risk work

The regulations allow trainees to be provided with high risk work experience at the workplace providing the trainee is enrolled to do the training in that particular class of high risk work and is supervised by a person who holds a high risk work licence for that class of work. It is also expected that the trainee will be working under a timetable with the aim of achieving a satisfactory assessment of competency and making an application for the relevant licence to perform high risk work.

People who do not hold an HRW licence or are not undergoing the appropriate training are no longer be able to do high risk work, even under the supervision of a person who holds a relevant licence. 

Certificates of competency

Certificates of Competency are no longer valid as they expired on 30 June 2012.  If you hold a Certificate of Competency please contact WorkSafe on 1300 307 877 for further information. 

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