How can I replace my High Risk Work Licence (lost, stolen or damaged)?

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To replace your lost, stolen or damaged licence you must complete an application form and submit the completed form along with confirmation of your identity.

Confirmation of your identity

WorkSafe requires that all licence applications are accompanied by two (certified copies) of identity documents, one type of primary identification and one type of secondary identification.

Please note: documents required in support of an application are required to be certified by an authorised witness.

Proof of identity requires two forms of identification one from each table
Primary Identification Secondary Identification
An Australian passport; A current entitlement card issued by a Commonwealth Government department (for example, a Medicare card or a Pension card);
An original birth certificate or a certified copy; A current credit card or ATM access card issued by a financial institution;
A photographic driver’s licence issued by any Australian
licensing authority;
A passbook or account statement from a bank, or credit union not more than 12 months old;
A current overseas passport; A telephone, gas or electricity account not more than 12 months old;
An Australian citizenship or naturalisation document or immigration A water or local rate notice or land valuation notice not more than two years old;
A valid High Risk Work Licence;  

Applications will not be accepted unless adequate certified identification, as detailed above, is provided


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