How do I obtain a High Risk Work Licence?

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You will need to be trained by a Registered Training Organisation and assessed by a WorkSafe Registered Assessor

At the completion of your training and assessment your Registered Training Organisation will show you how to apply to WorkSafe for your High Risk Work licence. Your application should be lodged within 60 days of the date on your notice of satisfactory assessment. 

If you have submitted a complete application which has been accepted for processing, you can continue to work in the class of high risk work that you have applied for while your application is being finalised.

To apply for a High Risk Work Licence you will need to provide:

A completed application form

Download a copy of the application form.

Notice of satisfactory assessment

The High Risk Work Assessor will provide you with a Notice of Assessment on the day of your assessment.

Statement of attainment

The registered training organisation will provide you with a Statement of Attainment.

Proof of identity

WorkSafe requires that all licence applications are accompanied by two forms of identity documents, one type of primary identification and one type of secondary identification.

You must provide certified copies of the original documents. Documents are required to be certified by an authorised witness

Proof of identity requires two forms of identification one from each table
Primary Identification Secondary Identification
A current Australian passport; A current entitlement card issued by a Commonwealth Government department (for example, a Medicare card or a Pension card);
An original birth certificate or a certified copy; A current credit card or ATM access card issued by a financial institution;
A current photographic driver’s licence issued by any Australian
licensing authority;
A passbook or account statement from a bank, or credit union not more than 12 months old;
A current overseas passport; A telephone, gas or electricity account not more than 12 months old;
An Australian citizenship or naturalisation document or immigration A water or local rate notice or land valuation notice not more than two years old;
A valid High Risk Work Licence;  

Applications will not be accepted unless adequate identification, as detailed above, is provided

A head and shoulders photograph taken within the last six months

Your photo must be of just your head and shoulders, taken within the last six months.

Your photograph must:

  • Be in colour 
  • Be no more than 6 months old 
  • Be within 45-50mm high and 35-40mm wide 
  • Show your head and top of your shoulders close up so the measurement of the face from the bottom of the chin to the crown (i.e. top of head without hair) is between 32-36mm  
  • Show natural skin tones and colours - no flash reflection and no red eye 
  • Show you with natural expression and mouth closed (i.e. not smiling) 
  • Have a plain, light-coloured background (e.g. white, cream or pale blue) 
  • Show you facing and looking directly at the camera 
  • Not show you looking over one shoulder (portrait style) or with head tilted 
  • Show you without hat or head covering unless worn for religious reasons. 
  • Show your eyes open and clearly visible, and only with glasses if you regularly wear them. 
  • Not be affected by red eye

Can I use my High Risk Work Licence in all Australian states?

A current high risk work licence may be used anywhere in Australia regardless of which state or territory it was issued in.

If I move states do I have to transfer my High Risk Work Licence?

There is no requirement to apply to transfer a high risk work licence to work in Western Australia.  However, you are entitled to apply to transfer your interstate licence if you wish to obtain a Western Australian licence.

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