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Photographs from the 'Managing the risk of falls at workplaces' video produced by WorkSafe. These photographs are free to download and can be used by people who are studying safety and health, workplaces and for training and teaching purposes. 


Barriers, by WorkSafe
Barriers are used to cordon off areas where edge protection is not provided and workers are not permitted to access.
Catch platform
Catch platform, by WorkSafe
Scaffolds can provide simple catch platforms.
Double lanyard system
Double lanyard system, by WorkSafe
A double lanyard system ensures that the person climbing can always be connected and if there is a fall it will be a short distance.


Industrial rope access system
Industrial rope access system, by WorkSafe
Industrial rope access systems require a high level of operator competency and supervision.
Edge protection
Edge protection, by WorkSafe
Edge protection
Risk assessment form
Risk assessment form, by WorkSafe
It is vital to secure the health and safety of workers by undertaking adequate risk management.


Discussing safe systems of work
Discussing safe systems of work, by WorkSafe
Discussing safe systems of work.
Safe use of ladders
Safe use of ladders, by WorkSafe
Ladders must only be used when it is not reasonably practicable to use a safer method.
scaffold_incomplete.jpg, by WorkSafe
Administrative controls are training, documentation and signage such as a danger sign warning of a fall hazard
Travel restraint system
Travel restraint system, by WorkSafe
A travel restraint system consists of a harness that is connected by a lanyard to a suitable anchorage point although fall arrest rated equipment can be used as a restraint system.
Travel restraint
Travel restraint, by WorkSafe
The system must be set up to prevent the wearer from reaching an edge from where a fall may occur.
EWP, by WorkSafe
Working from an elevating work platform.
Western Power ladder
Western Power ladder, by WorkSafe
Ladders must only be used when it is not reasonably practicable to use a safer method.
Working on a solid construction
Working on a solid construction, by WorkSafe
Working on a solid construction will provide an environment where the likelihood of a fall is minimised.
Elevating work platform
Elevating work platform, by WorkSafe
Elevating work platform

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