Report a death or serious incident at a workplace

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Notifiable incidents

Call 1800 678 198 to report a workplace related death, a serious injury or illness, or a dangerous incident that is currently life-threatening.

These incidents must all be reported to WorkSafe immediately after the PCBU becomes aware of the incident. Urgent medical assistance where required should be sought prior to contacting WorkSafe. After phoning through the report, use the links below if you need to notify online.

There is a duty to preserve the scene so far as reasonably practicable. 

Online reporting

Dangerous incidents that are not currently life-threatening should be reported online.

For general workplaces, you may be asked to lodge online after you call. All mining and petroleum notifiable incidents must be lodged online after you call – see the headings below for details on how.

There are additional reporting requirements for Mining and Petroleum and Geothermal energy operations that are also done online. 

General workplaces (not a mine or a petroleum/geothermal operation)

Notify an incident online


If the incident occurred on a worksite covered by the Work Health and Safety (Mining) Regulations 2022, details of the incident should be submitted to the regulator via the Safety Regulation System (SRS).

Before you can access SRS, you must register to use the system. Once this is done, you will receive a department account number which you will then use to access SRS*.

* SRS allows users to lodge documents and data with the Department electronically. This includes approvals, compliance, notifications, health and hygiene sampling information, levy assessment and licence and certification management. Some functions also enable customers to monitor the progress of their submissions and to upgrade and manage their licence details online.

Petroleum and geothermal energy operations

If a notifiable incident occurs at or near a facility arising from a petroleum or geothermal operation, details of the incident should be submitted to the regulator via Online reporting.

Dangerous goods

If the incident also involved a dangerous good, explosive or security sensitive ammonium nitrate, a separate notification must be reported to the Dangerous Goods Safety Branch, as detailed here Dangerous goods and explosives (

Further detail on what is reportable under the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 is provided here What is a reportable dangerous goods incident? (

Report an incident to WorkSafe poster

Report an incident to WorkSafe poster is a quick reference guide to reporting a death, serious injury or illness, or life-threatening dangerous incident.

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