Safe Work Month 2020

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Safe Work Month will be a virtual program of events featuring on demand video presentations from mines safety, dangerous goods safety and WorkSafe, as well as live-stream question and answer sessions with industry experts. 

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The health and safety of Western Australian workplaces remains a priority, even during these unique times.  As a reminder, the theme for this year's Safe Work Month in Western Australia  is ‘Staying focused on workplace health and safety’.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety knows that while traditional events are on hold we can still keep you up-to-date on important topics.  

Safe Work Month topics

Hear from safety leaders and inspectors from WorkSafe:

  • Aged care: Planning head – infection control
  • Asbestos removal:  What can go wrong
  • Factors that influence workplace behaviours: Are you creating conditions for a hazard or helping your workplace thrive
  • Human factors and ergonomics principles: Applying human factors and ergonomics principles for incident prevention
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs): Prevention and management of work related MSDs legislation and interventions
  • Occupational violence and aggression: Preventing client and service related occupational violence and aggression
  • Working safely away from the office: Negotiating the new normal of office work
  • WorkSafe WA investigations: 2020 statistics
Safe Work Month 2020
Safe Work Month 2020, by Department of Mines, Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety - Worksafe


National Safe Work Month resources

Safe Work Australia National Safe Work Month website has a range of resources to download in October including:



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