Safety and health representatives

Safety and health representatives are elected by co-workers to represent them in consultation about safety and health matters with the employer.

Safety and health representatives are important because it makes sense for employers and employees to talk to each other about safety at work. The experience and knowledge of employees can make a significant contribution to identifying and controlling hazards and risks, and developing preventative measures to address health and safety issues that arise at the workplace.

A safety and health representative is the key to communication by making it easier to exchange ideas and concerns about safety between employers and employees.

Safety and health representatives raise and discuss safety issues and concerns with employers and/or managers so they can work together and arrive at solutions to make the workplace safe.

Employees sometimes feel more comfortable using their safety and health representatives to raise an issue or present an idea about occupational safety and health than going directly to management.

When everyone works together as a team, great things can happen, such as improving work conditions and keeping people safe. You can tell when you walk into a workplace that operates this way – employees feel involved, people are more committed to working safely, the working environment is happier, people want to work harder, productivity is higher, and there are less accidents and injuries. 

The commitment and efforts of safety and health representatives have helped reduce occupational injury and disease rates in Western Australia.

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