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This information has been developed and compiled to assist employers, employees and OSH professionals in preventing and managing work-related stress. 

This information discusses stress caused by factors in the work environment. While factors outside the workplace can contribute to a person's overall stress response, this information focuses mainly on stress in relation to the workplace.

Stress can affect everyone so this information is relevant to employees, employers, managers, supervisors, the self-employed, apprentices and trainees.

Bullying in the workplace is one cause of work-related stress but is not covered in great detail in this section. Further information on bullying can be found under the safety topic – Bullying in the workplace. The Commission for Occupational Safety and Health Guidance note Dealing with workplace bullying: A guide for workers provides guidance in this area

Workplace violence is also a cause of work-related stress.  The WorkSafe Western Australia Commission has produced a Code of practice on Violence, aggression and bullying at work which provides practical guidance for workplaces where people may be exposed to deliberate and intended physical assault, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment and bullying.

This code explains the responsibilities of employers and employees and suggests strategies for reducing the risk, responding to incidents and recovery. Further information on violence can be found under the safety topic – Aggression in the workplace.

There are equal opportunity laws which are designed to protect persons in the workplace from harassment by supervisors or colleagues. Harassment may be intentional or result from a lack of awareness of various cultural, religious or other factors affecting an individual or group. Action against harassers can be taken where bullying activity is based on sex or ethnicity, and when harassment continues or intensifies after a complaint is lodged.

For further information on equal opportunity laws go to the Equal Opportunity Commission website

Stress in the workplace can affect everyone at one time or another.


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