What is a high risk work licence?

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A High Risk Work Licence is a photographic licence, issued to persons who have been trained and assessed as competent to work in a class of work defined as high-risk work.  The licence is valid for 5 years and is issued subject to identification checks and verification of age.  You must be at least 18 years of age before you can be issued with a High Risk Work Licence.   The licence will allow you to perform this work in any state or territory of Australia.  All states and territories will recognise and enforce suspensions and cancellations made in other states and territories.

Like your drivers’ licence it is very important to keep your contact details up to date so that we can remind you when your licence is due to expire.

Once your licence has expired you must not carry out high risk work until you have renewed your high risk work licence with WorkSafe.If you have changed your contact details (address, phone number or email) please update your contact details on line immediately.

A person requires a High Risk Work licence to perform:

  • Scaffolding - basic, intermediate and advanced;  
  • Rigging work - dogging; basic, intermediate and advanced rigging;
  • Crane and hoist operation - tower; self-erecting tower; derrick; portal boom; bridge and gantry; vehicle loading; non slewing mobile; slewing; materials hoist; personnel and materials hoist; boom-type elevating work platform; vehicle mounted concrete placing boom;
  • Forklift operation - forklift trucks; order-picking forklift trucks;
  • Pressure equipment operation - basic, intermediate and advanced boiler operation; turbine operation; reciprocating steam engine operation.

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