What kinds of plant requires registration or re-registration?

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Schedule 4.2 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations require the following individual items of plant to be registered. [Regulations 4.14, 4.15 and 4.34(2)]

  • Amusement structures within the scope of AS 3533 other than Class 1 devices.
  • Boilers categorised as hazard level A, B or C according to the criteria set out in AS 4343.
  • Building maintenance units.
  • Lifts.
  • Mobile cranes, other than tow trucks, with a safe working load greater than 10 tonnes.
  • Pressure vessels categorised as hazard level A, B or C according to the criteria set out in AS 4343, but not —
    • gas cylinders to which AS 2030 applies; 
    • LP gas fuel vessels for automotive use to which AS/NZS 3509 applies; and
    • serially produced vessels to which AS 2971 applies​
  • Tower cranes.
  • Truck mounted concrete placing units with booms .

Item of plant registration Table of plant details

Use this table when filling out Section 2 of Application 101: Registration or re-registration of an item of plant.

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996
Kind of Plant (Schedule 4.2)  Plant type
Amusement structure Inflatable structure
  Patron operated ride
  Rail based ride
  Rotating ride
  Water based ride
Boiler  Electric
  Fire tube
  Water tube
Building maintenance unit Building maintenance unit
Lift Passenger and goods lift - Electric
  Passenger and goods lift - Hydraulic
  Service lift
  Moving walk
  Stairway lift
  Inclined lift
  Special purpose industrial lift
  Lift for persons with limited mobility - Manually powered
  Low-rise platform for passengers
  Low-rise passenger lift - Non-automatically controlled
  Lift for persons with limited mobility - Automatically controlled
  Lift for people with limited mobility - Water-drive
Mobile crane  Articulated crane
  Crawler crane
  Trailer mounted crane
  Truck mounted crane
  Vehicle self loading crane
Pressure vessel  Air receiver
  Gas receiver
  Heat exchanger
Tower crane Articulated jib crane
  Luffing crane
  Self-erecting crane
  Trolley jib crane
  Truck-mounted concrete placing unit with boom


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