Leaving the committee

The committee is responsible for maintaining the documents and records of the association, but these are the property of the association.  The act requires any committee member who has possession of these documents when he or she ceases to be a committee member to ensure that they are delivered to a current member of the committee as soon as possible.  See also Custody and handover of records.

Committee handover checklist

There are things that both new and outgoing committee members can do to make the handover of responsibility for managing an association as smooth as possible.

The following list is not exhaustive but may assist an association to develop a handover checklist for committee members:

  1. Hold a meeting of new and outgoing committees to familiarise new members with association’s policies, procedures and current issues.

    This would also be a good opportunity to provide the new committee with a summary of the association’s registration details, licences and reporting obligations (see Sample - about our association).

  2. Outgoing committee members must return all documents in their possession to the new committee as soon as practicable after the election. 
  3. Update bank signatories replacing outgoing committee members with signatories from the new committee.
  4. Update AssociationsOnline users by retiring any outgoing users and adding new primary users. The Manage users video will help you complete these changes. 
  5. Update contact details with external agencies and association stakeholders. For example:
    • Consumer Protection;
    • Licensing authorities;
    • Australian Taxation Office (ATO);
    • Australia Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC);
    • Insurance providers;
    • Accountants, bookkeepers, reviewers and auditors;
    • Funding bodies; and/or
    • Parent/affiliated bodies.
  6. Update the record of office holders to reflect the new committee.
  7. Provide relevant passwords and log in information for any online accounts to the new committee.
  8. Update website to include details of new committee members, and any relevant contact details.