AssociationsOnline is a secure online portal provided by Consumer Protection for incorporated associations, industry stakeholders and members of the public to check the status of an incorporated association, purchase copies of documents, submit a range of applications and update association contact information.

AssociationsOnline has been updated to meet the requirements introduced by the new associations’ law. The enhanced service with more automatic functions reduces the administrative burden on committee members and association officers by enabling them to manage their affairs online.

Throughout the guide you will be advised what applications may be lodged using AssociationsOnline.

Getting started

AssociationsOnline is the preferred method for submitting applications relating to incorporated associations to Consumer Protection and all users must be enrolled to access the system.

To enrol as a user visit AssociationsOnline and follow the prompts to 'Create an AssociationsOnline account'.

Once enrolled a user will be able to:

  • lodge an application to incorporate a new association;
  • link up to an existing association (by becoming a primary or authorised user);
  • lodge applications for linked associations including alterations to rules, extensions of time for Annual General Meetings and annual information statements; and
  • update and manage the contact details for their account and that of any linked associations.

Linked associations and user types

Two new user types have been introduced to manage an association – a primary and an authorised user. In order to lodge applications on behalf of an incorporated association a user must first link to their association and become either the primary or an authorised user.

It is recommended associations develop appropriate internal processes for nominating, approving, retiring and replacing their primary and authorised users in AssociationsOnline. It is important that appropriate records of the approved users are maintained.

Primary users

There can only be two primary users at a time per association and the person must either be a member of the association’s management committee, or authorised by the committee to act as a primary user on its behalf. Associations must ensure they retain records relating to this.

The primary user will be able to:

  • lodge documents on behalf of the association;
  • add and remove authorised users for the association;
  • manage their own personal details online, for example resetting their password and updating contact details, linking to and retiring from associations;
  • manage other user accounts attached to the association, for example inviting authorised users and managing requests to become authorised users; and
  • approve requests from people seeking to become authorised users for an association.

Authorised users

The system also allows for additional users to be linked to an association as authorised users. A person who is an authorised user must be nominated and approved by the committee but does not necessarily need to be a committee member.

Examples of authorised users include:

  • the association’s Chief Executive Officer or manager;
  • a legal or accounting professional acting on behalf of an association; or
  • a member of an affiliate or parent organisation.

An authorised user is able to:

  • lodge documents on behalf of the association; and
  • manage their own personal details online, for example resetting their password, updating their contact details and retiring as an authorised user.

The primary user is responsible for approving requests from people seeking to become authorised users for an association.

Linking to your association

Once you’ve enrolled as an AssociationsOnline user, the next step is to search for and link to your association.

To complete this process:

  1. Click the ‘Add an existing association’ button.
  2. Type in the name of your association and click search.
  3. Find your association in the search results list and click on the name.
  4. Tick the relevant box to nominate whether you want to become the primary user or an authorised user.
  5. Read and accept the user declaration and click ‘Go’.

If you’ve nominated to be the primary user (and there is no one currently in that role) you will be automatically linked to the association. If you have nominated to become an authorised user it will be up to the primary user to respond to and approve your request.

Once you’re linked to your association you will be ready to lodge applications on behalf of your organisation.

You can find more information about using AssociationsOnline in the help guide. There are also step by step videos available.