$4,000 fine after hazardous live cables left within reach at family home

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Electrical contractor / worker
  • Residents at risk of electric shock
  • Live unterminated 240-volt wires left exposed in the bathroom and laundry
  • Guilty plea entered and spent conviction granted

An electrician has been fined $4,000 after leaving several live cables exposed at an East Perth home, putting residents at risk of electric shock.

The man, who holds electrical worker and electrical contractor licences, pleaded guilty at Perth Magistrates Court to breaching WA’s electricity licensing regulations by carrying out non-compliant work.

He is not named because the court granted a spent conviction.

According to information presented in court by Building and Energy, the electrician was contracted in July 2020 to carry out electrical installing work in the bathroom and laundry. This included installing several 240-volt cables, which were left hanging from the ceiling and walls for later connection to lights and socket outlets.

A subsequent inspection revealed the cables were left energised at a potentially lethal voltage level, with the “live” unterminated ends only covered in tape.

This was a breach of the regulations, which require energised and accessible components to be left with adequate protection against direct contact with live parts, such as robust insulation and appropriate enclosures.

WA’s Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, said it was unacceptable for a licensed electrician to leave electrical equipment in a hazardous condition.

“The work in this case presented a real electric shock risk to anyone who came into contact with the wiring, which was easily accessible in a residential property and in areas prone to dampness,” Mr Abdoolakhan said.

“It is incredibly fortunate that nobody was hurt. This case should remind all licensed electrical workers and contractors of their obligations to always ensure their work is left in a safe condition.”


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Building and Energy
Media release
12 Oct 2022

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