$5,000 fine for unlicensed motor vehicle dealer (Paul Nguyen)

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An unlicensed motor vehicle dealer has been fined $5,000 and ordered to pay costs of $514 by the Perth Magistrates Court after pleading guilty on 18 January 2019.

Paul Anh Ngoc Nguyen of Bassendean had purchased 35 motor vehicles and sold 37 between November 2016 and July 2018 without a licence, in breach of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said unlicensed dealing created an uneven playing field for the industry and threatened consumers’ rights.

“Unlicensed dealing leaves consumers exposed to risk in that they do not get the warranty rights that they are entitled to under laws that regulate the motor vehicle industry in WA,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Illegal operators are a menace as they undermine the regulation of the motor vehicle industry and deprive consumers of a remedy if there is a fault with the vehicle after the sale. In this case, 37 buyers were robbed of their warranty rights.

“I urge consumers to stay clear of unlicensed dealers as their demand fuels this illegal activity.”

Consumers can check whether a motor vehicle dealer is licensed by doing a search on the Consumer Protection website: www.consumerprotection.wa.gov.au. Unlicensed dealers can be reported by emailing consumer@dmirs.wa.gov.au or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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22 Jan 2019

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