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UPDATE 2/11/21: Melissa Sheed was fined a total of $8,800 by the Perth Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to four charges of accepting payment but failing to supply the photos of new-born babies to four consumers, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. Ms Sheed was ordered to pay costs of $1,500 as well as compensation of $400 to each of the four complainants ($1,600 total) in order for the photos to be edited after the raw photos were retrieved by Consumer Protection and delivered to the parents. Prior to the sentencing, more photos were obtained from Ms Sheed and now a total of 13 complainants will have their mostly unedited photos supplied.

  • Unedited photos of new-born babies supplied as part of Court outcome
  • Mothers have been waiting for several years to receive the images
  • Result ends a very emotional time for the consumers affected

A photographer of new-born babies has today pleaded guilty to consumer charges in the Perth Magistrates Court after handing over photos to Consumer Protection that were not originally supplied to six WA mothers.

Melissa Sheed of Aubin Grove pleaded guilty to four charges of accepting payment but failing to supply goods within a reasonable time in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. Two charges were withdrawn. Ms Sheed will be sentenced on 2 November 2021.

The images that were not supplied were handed to Consumer Protection as part of the Court outcome and will be delivered to the affected consumers in coming days.

Consumer Protection first issued a warning about Melissa Sheed in May 2019:

Photographer of new-born babies a cause for consumer concern (Melissa Sheed Photography)

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said receiving the photos from Ms Sheed has ended a very emotional time for the mothers involved.

“It’s been a frustrating experience for the mothers as well as for Consumer Protection as it has been a prolonged process to bring the matter before the courts,” Mr Newcombe said.

“While the images obtained by us are the raw and unedited versions, I’m sure the consumers concerned will be extremely happy to finally get them.

“We advise consumers not to pay the full amount upfront for goods and services and only pay a small deposit, the balance payable upon delivery. This reduces the risk of loss and also gives the consumer some bargaining power with the trader if there is a delay in delivery.

“We would remind traders that, if they get into difficulty supplying goods and services, they should come to us and we can assist in sorting out outstanding matters before the situation escalates.”

Consumers who have paid for goods and services that have not been supplied can lodge a complaint on the Consumer Protection website or email or call 1300 30 40 54.


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21 Sep 2021

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