Better compliance audits in 2014

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The Building Commission will introduce a number of enhancements to its existing compliance program in 2014, aimed at ensuring performance standards are being met and the licensing system works as intended.

Many licensed plumbing contractors will have experienced a ‘compliance check’ from one of the Building Commission’s plumbing inspectors and in 2014, a compliance check of a contractor’s records will be coupled with technical inspections of his or her current plumbing work.

This will allow contractors better access to advice and guidance from plumbing inspectors who will also be cross checking notifications and certifications with records of work performed to ensure all contractors are abiding by the rules.   

Every licensed plumbing contractor can expect to be audited by the PLB and contractors and tradespersons who are endeavouring to comply with the requirements will be supported and have their good compliance acknowledged by the Board.

Actions that can be taken in response to non-compliance include formal warnings, issue of rectification notices and infringement notices and prosecutions seeking the imposition of penalties. 

The Building Commission provides regular seminars that fully explain the compliance obligations of licensed plumbing contractors. The seminars also provide an opportunity for licensed plumbing contractors and plumbing inspectors to meet and discuss any compliance related matters.

Details of when the seminars are held and how to book a place can be obtained from the PLB on 9476 1377.   

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28 Nov 2013

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