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The Building Commission is developing a new risk-based auditing process for building surveyors. The audits will examine administrative and technical aspects of building surveying processes undertaken by registered building surveyors.

Under the new process, building surveyors will be notified when an audit is to be conducted and what information they need to provide. This will include certificates issued as part of the building approvals process.

Initially, audit results will be used to assess how effectively building surveying services are being carried out. Upon the conclusion of the audit, individual building surveyors will be notified of the outcome in writing. Any incidences of serious non-compliance may be referred for consideration of further action.

Director of Compliance, Sandy Randall, said the audit program should not be a concern to building surveyors who were doing the right thing.

“The changes to our compliance program are aimed at ensuring performance standards are being met and the licensing system works as intended,” Mrs Randall said.

“The audits are an opportunity for building surveyors to ask questions about any legislative or technical issues they may have and work with us to ensure the delivery of great buildings for Western Australians.”

The Building Commission is working with the industry to fine tune the audit tool, including through the conducting of live testing to ensure its effectiveness.

Once finalised, information on the new process, including timelines, will be communicated to industry and profession before the ‘go live’ date.

The Building Commission has already implemented an enhanced audit program for plumbers and is in the process of developing an audit program for builders and painters.

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30 Jul 2014

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