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The Building Surveyors' News contains the latest news and information for building surveyors and their industry from Western Australia's Building Commission.

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Please note the following clarification to the newsletter:

In the article, ‘Approval sought to retain Level 3 registration’, it states that the Building Commission has sought ministerial approval to allow new applications for registration as a Building Surveying Practitioner Technician to be accepted beyond 2 April 2015. This is correct. However, it then states that the Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 currently do not allow for new applications for this class of registration. This is not the case. Under the current Regulations, new applications can be accepted up until 2 April 2015. The ministerial approval being sought would allow this to continue beyond this date.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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Department News
24 Jul 2014

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