Campaigns to energise electrical safety awareness

WA’s electrical safety regulator is launching three campaigns this year to provide potentially life-saving advice on safety switches, compliant appliances and the dangers of DIY.

Beginning today, Building and Energy is sharing messages on social media, streaming services and other platforms to encourage testing of residual current devices (RCDs). These safety switches are designed to immediately stop the electricity supply if a fault, such as an electric shock, is detected. A video and handy guide show how to check an RCD by pressing the test button in the meter box.

“The widespread installation of RCDs has markedly reduced the incidence of electric shocks, but it is vital to test them to ensure the switches work when they are needed most,” WA’s Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, said.

A forthcoming campaign will also advise consumers to never do their own electrical installing or gas fitting work, which by law must only be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor or a licensed gasfitter. DIY electrical and gas work can result in injuries and deaths as well as property damage and liability issues. A licence search can be carried out at

Later in the year, safety messages will focus on the risks of unapproved and potentially dangerous electrical appliances. Consumers should be cautious about purchasing electrical items from overseas and check for a regulatory compliance mark, displayed as a tick inside a triangle, showing independent approval for use in Australia.

“These campaigns will provide simple but effective advice to help Western Australians stay safe at their homes and businesses,” Mr Abdoolakhan said.

“Tragically, incidents in WA involving faulty RCDs and DIY electrical work have cost lives. I urge everyone to take these campaign messages on board and make informed decisions.”

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Media release
02 Apr 2024

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