Changes to application forms for owner-builder approval

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The Form 75 Owner-builder approval application has been revised to be easier to understand and simpler to complete. Older versions of this form will no longer be assessed after 31 August 2017. Permit authorities are requested to update any hard copies of this form or any links/downloadable versions on their website. 

The changes aim at promoting responsibilities and obligations undertaken by an approved owner-builder under the requirements of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 and other related legislation. This is a shift in focus from owner/applicant self-assessment of relevant building skills and knowledge, and complexity of the intended project.

Form 75 – changes of note to permit authorities

  • Approval is only required where the cost of building work is over the minimum commercial value of $20,000 as stated on page 2.
  • Process to obtain another building permit within the six-year prescribed period is codified and explained on page 2.
  • The requirement that at least one owner/applicant, who will be supervising the work must hold a white card is specified on page 5.

Obtaining another building permit as an owner-builder within the prescribed period

Under s.45(1)(d) of the Act, owner-builder approval can only be granted if “in the 6 years preceding the application the applicant has not been granted or issued with a building permit as an owner-builder” unless granted a waiver by the Building Service Board.

Form 76 owner-builder request for waiver,  introduced in October 2016, can  be used in conjunction with Form 75 when an owner/applicant requires another building permit as an owner-builder, such as when a building permit has expired before the build has been completed.

No change was made in regards to the information permit authorities already provide to owner/applicants, which consists of:

  • duplicates of issued building permits (if required); or
  • written confirmation that no building permit was issued against a particular owner-builder approval.

Additional information and updated forms are available on the Owner-builder webpage. For any queries, contact us on 1300 489 099 or via

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13 Jun 2017

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