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Significant updates have been made to the working arrangements and other provisions in the state Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award. These changes will come into effect on the first full pay period on or after 5 June 2024.

The updated Shop and Warehouse Award will better reflect contemporary retail trading arrangements and remove a number of outdated and obsolete provisions to improve clarity and make it easier for employers and employees to understand and comply with the WA award.

Key changes to this WA award include:

  • new provisions for part time employees, particularly the inclusion of a provision that allows a part time employee to request to work more than 64 hours per fortnight;
  • a new classification structure that streamlines multiple positions without changing the level / pay rates of these positions;
  • changes to the casual employment provisions, including:
    • an updated definition of “casual employee”;
    • standardisation of the casual loading at 25% for all casual engagements;
  • updates to the hours of duty and rostering arrangements to reflect current retail trading hours legislation and modern working patterns including:
    • changes to ensure that all leave conditions are not below the minimum standards in the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993;
    • standardisation and simplification of penalty rates and overtime provisions; and
    • modernisation of allowance provisions so that most allowances become self-updating.

More information on the changes is available on the Changes to Shop and Warehouse Award page.

The Shop and Warehouse Award has been updated as part of a process to update private sector WA awards being undertaken by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

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17 Apr 2024

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