Changes to Water Corporation asset protection documentation

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The Water Corporation advises that a number of important enhancements have been made to asset protection documentation.

The changes address safety issues for working on or near assets and clarify a number of ambiguities in the previous documentation.

Impacted documents and key changes include:

Technical Guidelines for working near Water Corporation Assets
Inclusion of a requirement for serious consideration of shoring and depressurisation/cutting and capping in open excavations alongside live pressure mains.

Asset Protection Risk Assessment form (APRA)
APRA template is now fillable online and a new annex clearly setting out safety hazards and responsibilities has been added to all APRA applications.

Damage Prevention Brochure
Prescribed proximities table from relevant legislation and guidelines has been included and will be provided with all Dial Before You Dig enquries.

Further information

The updated documents came into effect on 1 July 2019 and are available on the Water Corporation website. Enquiries regarding the changes or documentation in general should be directed to the Water Corporation at

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22 Jul 2019

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