Commissioner's Blog: New Year tips for shoppers and gym joiners

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With Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard

Do sales items tick guarantee boxes?

Australians are set to spend billions in post-Christmas sales and well into the New Year. Consumer Protection WA, and consumer affairs regulators across Australia, want to remind everyone that automatic guarantees apply when you hit the sales. 

Whether you buy in-store or online, from any business trading in Australia, you are protected by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The ACL supports you to get what you paid for. This means a product or service you pay for must:

- match the description or sample that you choose from

- be of an acceptable quality

- be fit for the purpose you bought it for.

If the product or service does not tick all of these boxes, you can ask the business for a replacement, repair or refund.

And remember a blanket ‘NO REFUNDS’ sign is unlawful. You have consumer guarantees whether an item is on sale or not.

Be sure to keep a copy of the proof of your purchase, like a receipt (or photo of), a lay-by agreement or detailed credit card statement.

Is gym service fit for purpose?

With the start of 2020 many people will think “New Year, new me” and fitness and health industries are also set to peak in sales.

If you choose to become a member of a gym or fitness centre, make sure you read through contracts very carefully. Take note of how much the membership will cost on a weekly or monthly basis. Consider a shorter contract to see if the membership is right for your needs, or if you think your circumstances may change.

For more information on you consumer guarantee rights and WA’s fitness industry code head to the Consumer Protection website

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard
Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard, by CP Media
Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard


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03 Jan 2020

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