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On 14 December 2016, the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000 were amended to provide for the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB) to administer drainage plumbing diagrams in Western Australia. These amendments extended the arrangement that existed from 1 July 2016 through which the PLB administered drainage plumbing diagrams on behalf of the Water Corporation.

Licensed plumbing contractors are now required to submit drainage plumbing diagrams with the relevant certificate of compliance when performing drainage plumbing work that involves the installation, alteration or extension of drainage plumbing. This requirement is for all drainage plumbing work performed, regardless of the sewerage service provider operating in the area or if the drainage plumbing connects to an apparatus for the treatment of sewage, such as a septic tank. As a ‘cut and seal’ of a main drain requires some alteration to drainage plumbing, it is defined as major plumbing work and a certificate of compliance and drainage plumbing diagram must also be submitted when a ‘cut and seal’ is performed.

A penalty of up to $5,000 applies when a drainage plumbing diagram is not submitted when required.

The definition of minor plumbing work as it applies to drainage plumbing has been amended. Minor plumbing work now includes the maintenance, repair or replacement of existing drainage plumbing. This means that any like for like replacement of drainage plumbing is now considered minor plumbing work, regardless of the length of pipework being replaced. Conversely, any alteration to drainage plumbing is now considered major work, regardless of the length of pipework being altered.

The change to the definition of minor plumbing work aligns with the need to submit a certificate of compliance where a drainage plumbing diagram would be required.

If you require a drainage plumbing diagram for a property connected to a Water Corporation main sewer, there is an online search service available at www.commerce.wa.gov.au/dpd. For drainage plumbing diagrams in non-Water Corporation service areas, or where the drainage plumbing connects to a septic tank or similar apparatus, the PLB will only have copies of drainage plumbing diagrams for work completed after 14 December 2016. If you require a diagram that would have been submitted prior to this time, please contact the relevant sewerage service provider or local government authority.

For further information on how this may affect you, including information on other legislation amendments relevant to drainage plumbing diagrams and guidelines for correctly drawing drainage plumbing diagrams, please visit www.commerce.wa.gov.au/dpd or phone the Building Commission on 1300 489 099 for assistance.

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07 Mar 2017

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