Drainage plumbing work inspections — plumbers notification requirements

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This article is to advise licensed plumbing contractors (LPCs) of changes regarding the available methods to notify the Plumbers Licensing Board (Board) that drainage plumbing is ready to be inspected.

LPCs responsible for drainage plumbing work, must give the Board notice of the time at which the drainage plumbing will be ready for inspection. The notice must be before the time and in the manner nominated by the Board in accordance with regulation 70(1) of the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000.

On Tuesday 18 October 2022 the methods available to notify the Board were updated in the Government Gazette on page 4938 of Gazette No. 150.

Time for giving notice (r.70 notice)

The time for lodging a notice, now known as an r.70 notice, is unchanged — an r.70 notice is to be given to the Board by no later than 4.30pm on the Wednesday of the week, following completion of the relevant drainage plumbing work.

Means for giving r.70 notice


Where the corresponding notice of intention to commence plumbing work has been given to the Board via eNotice, the r.70 notice must be given on eNotice.

Other means — paper notice of intention

Where the corresponding notice of intention has been given to the Board other than via eNotice (paper-based), an r.70 notice is to be given —

  1. verbally by telephoning 08 6251 1377 between 8:30am and 4:30pm on a business day;
  2. in writing by SMS to 0417 209 818; or
  3. in writing by email to plumbinginspections@dmirs.wa.gov.au  

Other means discontinued — transitional

Means to notify the Board by email to plumbingaudits@commerce.wa.gov.au and fax number 1300 449 185 will be discontinued.

However, a 90 day period from 18 October 2022 is provided, whereby an r.70 notice may still be given using the soon to be discontinued email address and fax number.

Further information, including a form which may be used to lodge r. 70 notices that are not given via eNotice, can be found on the Building and Energy — Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website at: www.commerce.wa.gov.au/publications/notification-drainage-plumbing-ready-inspection


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21 Oct 2022

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