Electrical safety concerns prompt spit rotisserie ban – Flaming Coals SPG1500

  • Electric shock risks from unearthed spit motor
  • Flaming Coals SPG1500 1.5m dual-fuel spit with 100kg electric rotisserie
  • Prohibition of sale, hire and use

WA’s energy safety regulator has banned the sale, hire and use of a large spit rotisserie barbecue due to electric shock risks.

Building and Energy’s statewide prohibition applies to the SPG1500 Flaming Coals 1.5m dual fuel (gas and charcoal) spit with a 100kg electric rotisserie.

“Testing by our electrical inspectors has revealed that the spit’s electric drive motor is unearthed,” WA’s Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, said.

“The protective earth on the plug is not connected to the earth terminal on the motor. This means the motor and metal rotisserie shaft could become energised with dangerous voltages if an electrical fault occurs. If anyone makes contact with the live metal they could receive a potentially fatal electric shock.”

One supplier has reported selling 17 affected models in WA since August 2021 and other sellers may have provided additional units. It is understood some appliances may be used at mine sites.

“Anyone who has a Flaming Coal spit rotisserie for sale, hire or their own use should immediately check if it is the prohibited model,” Mr Abdoolakhan said.

“If so, stop using it immediately and do not sell or hire any affected models, including second-hand sales. Penalties can apply if the prohibition order is not followed, but most importantly users must be protected from the potential hazards.”


Media contact: BEmedia@dmirs.wa.gov.au

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Building and Energy
Media release
06 Sep 2023

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