Electrical safety warning for heat press machine

  • Vevor 5-in-1 heat press is used to prints designs on clothing and mugs
  • Electrical defects could put users at risk of electric shock
  • Building and Energy has banned the machine’s use, sale or hire in WA

Users of a heat press machine could be at risk of electric shock due to defects uncovered by WA’s energy safety regulator.

Due to safety concerns, Building and Energy has banned the use, sale or hire of the Vevor 5-in-1 heat press, which is used to transfer designs on to shirts, mugs and hats. The WA supplier has been notified and is contacting its customers.

“We are aware that at least 15 of these machines have been supplied in WA, but others may have been imported through other channels,” Building and Energy Acting Executive Director Nabil Yazdani said.

“If you have this machine, stop using it immediately and contact the supplier.”

The imported machine is electrically unsafe and does not meet strict Australian safety standards.

A Building and Energy inspection found it has serious electrical defects, including exposed live metal pins carrying 240 volts of electricity at a power outlet on the control unit.

The machine’s main power cord also has uninsulated plug pins, risking contact with 240-volt live metal parts if the plug is not fully pushed into the socket outlet.

Wiring defects with the interconnecting cord used for attachments were also identified.

“Faults like these can be lethal, with a serious risk of electric shock or fire,” Mr Yazdani said.

“Consumers, suppliers and retailers should be cautious when purchasing electrical appliances from overseas. Where possible, these items should be sourced from a reputable retailer based in Australia.

“Look for a regulatory compliance mark – a tick inside a triangle – showing the equipment has been approved for use in Australia after an independent evaluation.”

Certification can also be confirmed by checking the appliance’s model number at the Electrical Equipment Safety System website (eess.gov.au).

More information is available in Building and Energy’s guide to importing, selling or hiring electrical appliances and equipment (available at dmirs.wa.gov.au).


Media contact: BEmedia@dmirs.wa.gov.au


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Building and Energy
Media release
24 Jan 2023

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