Electrician’s error leaves house unprotected – Anthony Michael Kiely

A Caversham electrician has been fined $10,300 after he failed to install an essential safety system at a Cloverdale house, which could have resulted in electrocution of the occupants.

At Perth Magistrates Court, Anthony Michael Kiely (EW133300, EC10793) was also ordered to pay $535 in costs after pleading guilty to breaching WA’s electricity licensing regulations, following a prosecution by Building and Energy. 

The court was told that in July 2018, the home owner contracted Mr Kiely to carry out electrical installation work at the subdivided property’s front house and rear vacant block.

A week later, a Western Power inspector found that the multiple earthed neutral (MEN) earthing system was not installed on the home’s switchboard. Without an MEN, protective devices such as circuit breakers and fuses will not operate if an electrical fault occurs, which can cause metal objects to become live with dangerous levels of electricity.

Although Mr Kiely’s paperwork included a declaration that he had carried out the required checks and tests, the accompanying test sheet was incomplete.

Director of Energy Safety Saj Abdoolakhan said failure to install MENs had cost the lives of at least two WA children in recent decades and had led to several electric shocks and close calls.

“In this case, the consequences could have been devastating for people at the house if a fault had occurred while there was inadequate protection against electrocution,” Mr Abdoolakhan said.

“The error would have been obvious if the electrician had carried out the compulsory tests and checks. There is simply no excuse for cutting corners with any area of electrical work when people’s lives are at risk.”


Media contact: BEmedia@dmirs.wa.gov.au


Building and Energy
Media release
27 Aug 2020

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