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Please note: Feedback on the report mentioned in this news item has now closed. The page has been retained for archive purposes.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has released a Directions Report on Emergency Egress For All Occupants.

The report discusses potential changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) to improve emergency egress from buildings for all occupants, including people with disability.

Proposals discussed in the report are intended to provide safe, equitable and dignified egress from a building for all occupants in an emergency, consistent with the objectives of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Emergency egress for people with disability was identified as a matter unable to be included the Access to Premises Standards which came into effect in 2010, and the ABCB established a project to undertake additional research and identify potential changes to the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions as soon as possible.

The report seeks to inform further assessment of proposed changes to the NCC by engaging with stakeholders and:
•           outlining proposals for consideration; 
•           providing background on recent NCC changes to access and egress provisions;
•           discussing the strategy adopted for lifts used in evacuation; 
•           examining the need for impact analysis by seeking feedback on the proposals; 
•           outlining timeframes for incremental changes; and
•           highlighting opportunities for stakeholder involvement.
The ABCB is seeking stakeholder feedback and comment on the proposals in the report via a reponse form by 1 November 2013.

Further information can be found on the ABCB website.

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03 Oct 2013

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